Faculty Support Services

Office staff is available to assist USC faculty members in the development of federal grant proposal submissions. Specific support services include:


RSD staff monitor federal funding opportunities and notify faculty of relevant solicitations via personalized emails.

It is often difficult to understand federal agency funding priorities and to identify the appropriate agency program manager who plays a key role in promoting the funding of a research proposal. RSD works with faculty to translate the language of the federal funding bureaucracy, identify program officials and arrange meetings with them, and provide guidance on funding priorities across multiple federal agencies. Ultimately, these services typically enhance the likelihood of research proposals being funded. 

RSD hosts an annual workshop, titled “Proposal Writing for a Mission Agency: Young Investigator/Early Career Opportunities.” Staff also provide individual consultations for junior faculty, personalized email alerts regarding young investigator program/early career opportunities, and proposal review.

RSD coordinates strategy sessions with individual faculty to discuss research interests and identify potential funding pathways across multiple federal agencies.

RSD staff build multidisciplinary research teams by identifying potential collaborators from both within USC across multiple schools and programs and also from external institutions.

RSD provides support for proposals being submitted for funding by the national security community. Staff maintain long-term, non-PI centric customer relationships and provide subject matter expertise across high interest scientific areas supported by the national security community (e.g., artificial intelligence, quantum, space, etc.).

RSD staff conduct a range of analyses related to federal funding opportunities, including analysis of federal funding patterns and previously funded proposals. This also includes the strategic analysis of ongoing programs to understand how submitted proposals can be more competitive.

RSD provides a range of support services related to proposal development, including:
  • Team building and identifying potential collaborators
  • Proposal planning, organization, and coordination
  • Writing and copy-editing
  • Budget preparation
  • Administrative and logistic support
  • Proposal submission support
RSD staff can provide a range of graphic design support services, including the development of organizational and conceptual figures (e.g., NSF three-plane diagram).